Preventative measures have always proven to be the best and most cost efficient way to protect our assets. So, whether you want to protect your rugs for financial or sentimental reasons or simply because you want to keep your rugs around for a lot longer than reality will allow you to, why not protect them?! Help prevent stains from setting in, foot-traffic from wearing out your rugs, moth damage, and sun fading. Put our Plant Based Super Thick Pad under your rugs and allow the fiber to breathe and give your feet the cushioning they deserve. Planning on storing your rugs? Have the experts professionally wrap them in dust free, non-tearing, breathable paper.


Stain Guarding

Safely Protect your rugs with our WoolSafe™ Certified Biodegradable Stain Guard, against dirt build up, food spills, and help with many other problems such as pet accidents, odor, and foot traffic wear.


Moth Guard

Don’t spray pesticides onto your rugs to kill moth. Treat this long term by eliminating your rugs from being their food source. With our Moth Guard solution, we scientifically change the PH of wool which gives wool a bitter taste, no longer being desirable for moths.


UV Guarding

Rugs don’t need a tan. Our WoolSafe™ Approved high-end UV Guard will help protect your rug colors from sun fading and color loss.


Rug Pads / Underlay

We have simplified the selection to three types of premium pads based on your floors and rug.

Standard Protection Natural Rug Pad
Super Thick Natural Rug Pad
Super Felt Rug Pad


New Backing

If your rug has a latex backing that is coming undone, we will put a brand-new backing with prewashed/preshrunk fabric and the latest generation latex glue (or hand sown) ensuring its durability through future vacuuming and washes.


Wrapping & Sealing for Storage

Whether temporarily putting your rug away or storing it long term, professional wrapping with breathable non-tearing paper will keep the dust and moth out of your rug, while keeping your rug cool and dry so no surprises when you open them again.