Rug Appraisal by a Certified Rug Appraiser (CRA)

At Rug Ideas we have the distinct advantage of having one of the very few Certified Rug Specialists and Certified Rug Appraisers in the country in house and available for all appraisals. Dr. Kay has made appearances on Storage Wars and Judge Judy, both of which have very exacting and rigorous standards for the experts they hire. In addition to appearing on television, he has consulted in many court cases involving small claims, fraud, damage, and inheritance cases. After having spent decades in all aspects of the rug business and having been to more than thirty countries on rug related business trips, you can be sure you will get the most fair, accurate, and complete appraisal on any rug you bring in. Whether you want to know about your rug, or have an appraisal certificate for insurance or selling purposes, Dr. Kay can consult with you in store or at the comfort of your home! Speak with him personally by calling 310-770-9085.

Verbal Appraisal

A verbal appraisal is useful for anyone who is curious about a rug’s origins, history and value. Whether it’s for purposes of selling your rug or just to satisfy your own curiosity and learn about a family heirloom, many people find this type of appraisal very useful. While it is always useful to see a rug in person, if you are far away or unable to bring your rug in, you can send us pictures and we will be happy to do this type of appraisal over phone or email.

Written Appraisal

This option comes complete with details of your rug’s retail value, construction, origins and includes high quality pictures of your rug and is signed with an official raised seal. A written appraisal is highly recommended when dealing with insurance cases such as water damage, rug theft, and lost value. If your insurer has any questions about your claim, we are always available to talk with them. Dr. Kay is also able to come do appraisals in the comfort of your own home.

When do I need an appraisal?

1. You have inherited an Oriental, Persian or area rug and would like to know its value.
2. You want to know the value of your rug for trusts or estates.
3. You would like the value of your rug for insurance purposes.
4. You want to buy a rug and would like to know if its price is fair or not.
5. You want to sell you rug but do not know how much it is worth in today’s market.
6. You want to give you rug to someone you love and want to know the value of your rug.

If you’re considering having a rug appraised, don’t look any further. We pick up and deliver locally for free. To get an appraisal, a quote for cleaning, or any information on your rugs, call Dr. Kay at (310) 770-9085.
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